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hobby projects:

Welcome to my homelab! Click around above to explore and learn more!

I'm currently studying for the CCNP and working to enter the IT field. My hobbies include bicycling, backpacking, gardening, magnet fishing, and 3D printing.

In the future I plan on creating a blog to share my knowledge but for now this site serves to showcase my current projects.
My Cisco Lab (a work in progress)

I have a Cisco 2821 ISR router and two Catalyst 3560 PoE 24 Port Ethernet Switches in my lab that I bought to study for the CCNA and am now currently using to study for the CCNP. I am also using 3 rasberry pi 3's that serve as hosts for further testing.

As I get further into the CCNP I plan on expanding the equiptment in this lab; I would like to purchase another router or two and some additional switches.

Learning and Labbing and with Cisco has been an exciting adventure so far!
the LAN

My router is a Dell Optiplex 3010 with a 4 port gigabit card and pfSense installed. I like the functionality, control, and features pfSense provides me to secure my network.

I am also using a managed 24 port gigabit HP ProCurve switch in my home network. It is inexpensive, quiet, and gets the job done.

My self built liquid cooled i5-4590 Windows PC with 16GB RAM and a GTX 1070 GPU.
The "Franken-Server"

A self built 10 bay 4u Proxmox virtualization server. It hosts my intranet (homepage, Nextcloud, Mediawiki, Gitea, file servers) and other VMs for research.
Office IOT

16 programmable outlets controlled by relays wired to a hardened raspberry pi zero. I can control each of these on a local webpage or on a timer via cron. I built this to save power and for the convenience of not having to physically switch off devices.
the Wireless LAN

My entire wireless LAN is a single Ubiquity Unifi AP-AC Lite WAP. I'm really happy with its performance and price and hope to pick up a few more in the future if my network expands (still small enough for just one at the moment).

My hobby project that I started several years ago to have a computer grow plants for me. A raspberry pi records environmental data and makes its own growing decisions based on them. The entire project (and more info about it) can be found here. It has been a great way for me to explore Python, Bash, and Javascript.